About me

I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation practice by a Zen master in Portugal. This experience was life-changing.

I went to several retreats at Spirit Rock Center in California, where I met Mark Coleman in his retreat “Awake in the wild’’. Mark and Martin Aylward offered a „Mindfulness Teacher“ training in the UK and I completed this training in July 2016.

With this certificate I offered and still offer introduction to mindfulness courses for teachers in the German teacher union. ( I was a High School teacher for more than thirty years, in senior positions in Germany, Portugal and Brazil. )

And I now offer mindfulness courses in Portugal in Porto and Ponte de Lima. In Berlin I mostly give personal coaching in mindfulness for young women looking for support in a stressful business life.

From 2015 to 2017 I deepened my mindfulness practice with a „Professional Nature Meditation Teacher Training“, again with Mark Coleman. I completed this training in September 2017.

Now I integrate guided meditation in nature with mindfulness, which is a big support for most of my clients.

My last transforming experience was last year in a women’s retreat with Joanna Macy, learning about white fragility, a theme which is quite new for a European.

With Joanna I learned that it’s time to act with compassion and love, and by supporting people transforming themselves to feel more happiness in their lives, we can perhaps transform our world little by little.


I am grateful for the wonderful teachings of:

Jisu Sunim

Mark Coleman

Martin Aylward

Joanna Macy