What I offer

„Man knows himself only so far as he knows the world, which he gets to know only in himself and himself only in it.“ (Goethe, Naturwissenschaftliche Schriften S. 38)

In my Mindfulness course, which was developed at MTI, Mindfulness Training Institute of California, you will experience what is meant by mindfulness or clear awareness and how a mindful life can be lived. How can I develop mindfulness and clarity of attention that will be reflected in the spirit and body, and take an approach to life that brings more lightness and well-being for myself and others on a daily basis?

To achieve this we will get to know and experience different forms of mindfulness meditation, how to integrate them in daily life and reduce stress.

Program for a 12-hour course in Mindfulness over 6 Weeks:

- What Mindfulness means, and what it does’t mean

- The significance of body posture

- Breathing Meditation

- Meditation and its relation to the body

- Meditation in motion/on foot

- Food/nutrition conscious Meditation

- In meditation, learn to deal with emotions, thoughts and challenges

- Communication with mindfulness

- Mindfulness and kindness

- Integrating mindfulness in daily life

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A one-day introduction to Mindfulness would include the basic training of mindfulness, breathing meditation and meditation in relation to the body. During a lunch together we can explore meditation with food. Meditation in motion would be practiced in the afternoon outside, if possible and desired.

During a weekend in nature, you will be introduced to the different techniques of meditation in nature, which were developed by Mark Coleman. You will experience with all your senses the art of simply beeing aware.

Upcoming Events: "Events"

I can also organize a half/full-day day immersion in the forest environment.

As a special offer, I propose a five-day retreat in the North of Portugal, in a small group with a maximum of four people. This proposal is tailored individually, depending on the wishes and the needs of the participants.